What Is a VI Peel and How Does It Work to Improve the Skin’s Appearance?

VI Peel By Savvy Chic Medspa in Spring TX

Skincare is a concern that spans across age groups and skin types. Whether dealing with acne in the teenage years or combating signs of aging later in life, the quest for better skin is a universal endeavor. One treatment that has garnered attention for its versatility and effectiveness is the VI Peel. This treatment addresses […]

Is VI Peel Safe for the Skin?

VI Peel

VI Peel is a safe and efficient way to achieve younger-looking skin. It helps provide superior results for every skin type and color. Together with proper home care and remedies, using two (2) to four (4) peels yearly can reverse damage from exposure and unwanted hyperpigmentation such as aging skin, melasma, acne, and acne scarring. […]

What is the Difference Between VI Peel And VI Peel Purify?

Difference Between VI Peel And VI Peel Purify | Savvy Chic Medspa

Restoring a youthful look is now easier more than ever, thanks to chemical peels. Each year these chemical peels techniques and procedures are getting more and more refined. Recently, a new VI Peel hit the cosmetic market, and it shook it, granting so much attention. Let’s talk about Difference Between VI Peel And VI Peel […]

Everything you need to know about VI Peel before going for it 

Everything you Need to Know About VI Peel before going for it 

Medical aesthetics professionals have utilized chemical peels for decades. They can get rid of dead and damaged cells by administering a topical therapy to the surface of your skin that promotes the outer layer to peel away. The healthier, more vivid skin beneath is visible once the outer layer of skin sloughs off. The main […]

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