Price and treatment plan are individualized!

We have some price package prices below, to give you an idea of package for average individual results. 

EuroThreads are an FDA-approved treatment for addressing skin laxity in the face, neck and body by building collagen and filling or lifting the skin. EuroThreads are individual biodegradable, PDO and PLLA suspension sutures that are pre-inserted into a needle or cannula and inserted into the dermis. Depending on the thread type used (Smooth, Twisted or Barbed) the thread is either left in place to promote collagen production or is pulled in an intended direction to produce an appearance commonly associated with lifting.

For treatment on the face, EuroThreads can be an additive and for some an alternative or supplement to treatment with injectable fillers and/or neuromodulators. Threads can also improve wounds, surgical scars, acne scars, stretch marks, and neck bands.

Neck Before and After 


Neck Before and After EuroThread Lift

Example of Lower Face and Neck


Service Prices are with Nurse Michelle. 

If you are Dana's client, please consult with her. 

Call office 832-843-6300 for help with scheduling.

If you do book online you must be a current client seen in the last year.

If you are new please schedule New Client for consultation. 

a 50% deposit is collected on all EuroThread procedures before securing your appointment. 

Threads are ordered for you and are very time consuming, but worth it. 

Neck EuroThreads 


Per Session 

Neck Lines, lifting, tone and texture! 


Lower Face and Neck Eurothread Lift


Per Session 

Lift Lower Face, Saggy Jows, Jaw Contouring, and Neck Sag!


Brow Lift Eurothreads


Per Session 

Does Not Replace Botox/Dysport 

Lift Eyebrows if you have Heavy Lids


Under Eye EuroThreads


Per Session 

Fine Lines, Static Wrnkles, and Collagen A


Acne Scar Texture/Smooth EuroThreads 


Per Session 

 EuroThreads placed or Acne and Texture/Scars for smooth skin and correction. 


Upper Face and Cheeks 


Per Session 

Mid-Face Lift Checks, and Contouring of Upper Face



What to Avoid 

One Week Before 

Before Thread Lift Facial treatment

One week before your procedure:

Avoid alcohol of any kind, as well as smoking. This will help speed your recovery and provide better treatment results.

Stop taking vitamin E, supplements such as Fish Oil, Krill, Garlic, Chilli Ginseng, Ginger & Green teas

Any Aspirin based products such as Ibuprofen, Neurofen, Naprosen/Naprogesic Should be avoided. Inform Medical Director if you are taking any anti-inflammatory medications (e.g. Naprosyn) or blood thinning medication (e.g. Warfarin).

After Thread Lift Facial Treatment

Tylenol are excellent to use for discomfort period, and for an additional 7-10 days. .

Most of your discomfort should occur in the first 24-48 hours following the procedure and will ​decrease each day thereafter. You may resume normal activities as you feel well enough to do so. 

 Contact us if you have any questions.

Eat soft foods or drink liquids for 24 hours to 72 hours if you have lower face, cheeks, or around mouths.

Keep head elevated (45-degree angle) when resting in bed.

Do not touch or wash your face for 12 hours following the procedure. Don’t pull down on your facial skin for 3 weeks.

Keep facial clean as discussed.

Limit excessive facial motion for 24 hours. Limit talking or extreme expression.

Apply ice for 30 minutes, 4-5 times for .

Do not chew gum for 2 weeks. Do not drink through a straw if you had lower face or around mouth 

No make-up or facial creams for 24 hours.

Do not massage the face for 3 weeks, especially with a wash cloth when cleansing. Do not pull down on your face.

Notify the office of any severe swelling in the neck or cheek areas or if the pain becomes severe on one side only.

No Exercise for 48 hours post treatment.