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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Preime DermaFacial smart platform therapies support a smooth functioning of your skin and provide an improved aesthetic appearance by combining 5 modern technologies. Aqua B technology cleanses and hydrates skin. 

*Acne and tired complexion

*Dehydrated Skin and Dull

*Skin lacking vitality and brightness

*Fine wrinkles and lax skin


Because it is a non-invasive 100% therapy, it requires no recovery time, make-up can be applied immediately after the procedure and gives the complexion a silky appearance, pores are thoroughly cleansed and any creams or serums applied afterwards are better absorbed into the skin.

The Preime is our most advanced facial, yet we do still offer individualized and custom facials

DermaFacial & DermaCeuticals

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CO2 MICRODERMABRASION + VIBRATION + RED LED Specially designed microdermabrasion in combination with vibration frequency and Red LED Light. This special handpiece produces countless CO2 microbubbles to increase natural Oxygen delivery to the skin.
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Ultra B

ULTRASOUND 1MHz UltraB is 1MHz high-frequency thermal ultrasound that assists transdermal absorption of active ingredients, accelerating moisture retention and offering significant aesthetic benefits to visibly improve the appearance of the skin.
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Aqua B

SPIRAL VACUUM + SPECIFIC SOLUTIONS A spiral movement combined with vacuum technology to cleanse and prepare the skin for facial treatment.
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BIPOLAR MICROCURRENT 400Hz MicroT bipolar microcurrent uses tiny electrical currents to support muscle toning. These tiny electrical currents offer an improved smoothness of the skin by reducing visible skin laxity and enhance the appearance of facial contouring.
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Collagen +

DUAL BI-POLAR RADIO FREQUENCY 1MHz Radio Frequency energy evenly heats up the skin to 39-42°C. This feature is used to encourage the natural production of collagen and elastin to keep the appearance of youthful skin.

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Ready to schedule your Beauty Appointment?

We look forward to meeting you!

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