Prescription weight loss with appointments with Dr. Paula Springer-Bryant- $99

Refill Visit $50 

Book online and select Weight Loss with Physician.

Examples Only: 

*Phentermine (Adipex)


*Water Pills

*All these are just examples of certain prescription medications that are used for weight loss, along with diet and exercise. All prescriptions require a doctor visit.

Prescription drugs are not distributed directly from Savvy Chic Medspa.

Any prescriptions will be filled by your local pharmacy and may be covered by your medical insurance.

Add on vitamin packages are available by RX at Savvy for home use, after physician evaluation and shot competency teaching.

Glutathione Shots Detox

Detox Shot Package

5 Shots for $50

or $20 each individual

Save by adding on to Lipotropic packages as add on!

Lipo-C injectable


5 for $100 with 2 Free Detox Shots (Gluto)

12 For $200 with 5 Free Detox Shots (Gluto)

Lipo-C injectable-

Lipo-C is a compounded lipotropic used for injection. It is used for liver disease; increases liver enzymes; and improves fat metabolism and energy. Lipo-C is a custom formulated lipotropic injection used to promote body fat reduction and preserve lean muscle tissue.

Lipo-B with B-12

5 for $50 with 2 free Detox Shots (Gluto)

or 12 for $100 with 4 free Detox Shots (Gluto)

Lipo-B injection benefits:

Provides a clean, no-jitter energy boost.

Speeds up thought processes and focus.

Improves your mood.

Promotes alertness.

Kickstarts your brain to feel motivated.

Boosts your metabolism by helping to digest food.

Helps burn fat – increases the transformation of carbohydrates into energy.

Helps control cholesterol levels and gallstones.

Helps reset metabolism of fats and removal of fat from your liver.

Provides essential components of normal cell and brain function.

Helps reduce cholesterol.

Helps keep your skin tone healthy and your nails strong.