Sculptra Butt Lift

Sculptra Butt Lift

Sculptra Butt Lift is one of the most effective non-surgical alternatives for achieving a fuller butt. The Sculptra treatment is different because it is an injectable filler injected into the buttock area without causing any severe side effects. FDA-approved, a Sculptra treatment works by naturally building collagen in your body. Even though you can see results immediately after the treatment, it can take up to a few months for Sculptra to begin generating collagen in your body. You will see your final results around three months after the procedure. Sculptra is carefully injected and feathered near the targeted muscles to create a firmer and voluptuous look. It is not a permanent treatment, but its results can last between two and five years.
Sculptra injections can improve the appearance of the butt for both men and women. You may not get the results you want by simply working out and focusing on butt-lifting workouts. With Sculptra, you can get the precise results you want. Individuals who work out but do not see results are ideal for this treatment.
Injectable dermal fillers such as Sculptra® Aesthetic, RADIESSE®, and Bellafill® work by plumping and stimulating your skin’s natural collagen production to fill in fine lines and wrinkles help soften their appearance.
Collagen is what allows the skin to appear tight and youthful. It is produced naturally, but as we age, collagen production slows, and the skin becomes less elastic and begins to sag, leading to wrinkles and folds. These special injectables work by immediately increasing the volume of the treated area. The collagen is then stimulated to help restore the skin’s structure. Over time, treatments improve fullness, even in deep folds, for a longer-lasting and natural result.


The Sculptra butt lift is a painless and minimally invasive procedure providing you with a fuller, more shapely buttock.  
Injections of Sculptra are administered directly into the buttocks. Sculptra stimulates the production of collagen when injected strategically into the buttocks. By increasing collagen, you will gradually fill out depleted tissues and gradually and naturally enhance the appearance of the rear for a perkier, rounder, more rounded backside.
Sculptra Butt Lift can benefit pretty much anyone! Sculptra buttlifts are ideal for patients eager to increase the volume of their buttocks without undergoing invasive surgical procedures as no incisions are required.
The results of Sculptra are immediate and long-lasting. You should see an improvement in your buttocks after the immediate treatment, although your best results are usually seen after a few weeks.
To achieve optimal results, patients usually require 2-3 treatments, during which they use multiple vials at once.
Sculptra butt injections generally last two years or more. Your injector will tell you how to maintain your results for as long as possible.
You should have very minimal if any, downtime after a Sculptra Butt Lift.

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