What is the Difference Between VI Peel And VI Peel Purify?

Difference Between VI Peel And VI Peel Purify | Savvy Chic Medspa

Restoring a youthful look is now easier more than ever, thanks to chemical peels. Each year these chemical peels techniques and procedures are getting more and more refined. Recently, a new VI Peel hit the cosmetic market, and it shook it, granting so much attention. Let’s talk about Difference Between VI Peel And VI Peel Purify? VI Peels is known for its effectiveness despite having a minimal downtime approach. It’s a blend of acids, vitamins, retinol, and other minerals to treat conditions such as wrinkles, age spots, sun damage, and hyperpigmentation. On top of that, it improves skin tone, texture, and clarity, and at the same time, stimulates collagen production for firmer skin. 

It sounds like a perfect all-in-one package for an instantaneously youthful and vibrant impression. However, there are several procedures involving VI Peel. There’s the VI Peel, VI Peel Precision, and then the VI Peel Purify. However, only VI Peel and VI Peel Purify are well-known of the three, and VI Peel Precision is an upgrade of the VI Peel. For the uninitiated, you might not know the differences and are quite unsure which of these treatments you should consider. So today, we will explore these treatments to help you decide which treatments are suitable for your needs. 

But first things first, what is a VI Peel Treatment?

What Is A VI Peel?

A VI Peel is a medium chemical peel treatment that removes the epidermis down to the upper layer of the middle skin layer, which is the dermis. The Vitality Institute of Medical Products manufactures this chemical peel product. The VI Peel works very similarly to other chemical peel products in practice. Through a chemical solution, the peel exfoliates the outer layer of the skin, replacing it with rejuvenated new skin. Likewise, the solution can be mixed with other components to enhance its effectiveness and stimulate skin growth and recovery. 

VI Peel is a widely known treatment against signs of aging, correct pigmentary issues, and improve skin texture. 

What sets apart different chemical peel products is their unique formula. The VI Peel consists of a specific blend of ingredients that include:

  • Vitamin C
  • Tretinoin
  • Salicylic Acid
  • Phenol
  • Trichloroacetic Acid

Although several acids exist in a VI Peel product, they are safe to use in your face, chest, hands, back, and eyelids. Vitality Institute of Medical Products guarantees that the product is safe and can be used on all skin colors and types. Let’s break down further what you need to know about VI Peel chemical peel treatment, including how it will benefit you, their safety information, and treatment procedures.

What Are The Benefits Of VI Peel?

Vi Peel treatment works similarly to other chemical peel treatments, and they also address the same issues. You can find some of these benefits in other chemical peel treatments, but what sets VI Peel treatment from other chemical peels is its effectiveness. That said, here are some of the benefits VI Peel offers. 

Treats Suns Spots and Discoloration

VI Peel effectively addresses darkened areas caused by too much sunlight and other skin conditions like melasma. As seen in the list above, part of the formula is Phenol. Phenol effectively addresses and treats skin discoloration, sun spots, and freckles. 

Treats Acne

Acnes can flare up anytime, and once it passes away, its scars leave a stern reminder of its effects on our faces. Time will heal those scars, but they can take several months or even a year! Using Vi Peel treatment can significantly help heal these scars faster or even prevent or stop acne! VI Peel removes dead skin, preventing oil from clogging in the pores, reducing inflammation, and reducing the chances of pimples. It will likewise kill the bacteria that can potentially irritate the acne more. 

Treats Fine Lines And Wrinkles

VI Peel will break down the epidermis to the upper dermis, stimulating the skin’s natural healing process and producing new elastin and collagen. Both elastin and collagen are responsible for supporting your skin and facial structure. But as we age, there’s less and less elastin and collagen; that’s why the skin thins and wrinkles develop. 

However, take note to set realistic expectations. It’s not a miracle treatment that will make you look younger by decades, and there’s no such thing. VI Peels, or any chemical peels, cannot remove deep scars and deep wrinkles, nor can they fix sagging skin. For that, you may need facial treatments. 

What Are The Differences Between VI Peel, VI Peel Precision, and VI Peel Purify?

There are some differences between the VI Peel, VI Peel Precision, and VI Peel Purify. Here’s a glance at what each of these treatments can do. 

VI Peel

The original Vi Peel treatment addresses a broad category, best suited for the masses. It addresses common fine lines, wrinkles, acne scarring, sun spots, and discoloration. Likewise, it gives a youthful look by increasing the body’s collagen production. Vi Peel is suitable for all skin types and colors. It’s almost painless with little downtime needed. 

VI Peel Precision

Vi Peel Precision is an upgrade over the regular Vi Peel. It has a higher concentration, and it is specifically designed to target hyperpigmentation. Sometimes, other people won’t respond to regular VI Peel chemical peels, and that’s when VI Peel Precision comes in. However, more doesn’t always necessarily mean better. VI Peel Precision is only recommended when your body doesn’t respond to treatment since there are more risks. 

VI Peel Purify

VI Peel Purify is used in tandem with VI Peel. It also improves skin tone and texture. It’s particularly effective against acne since it removes, reduces, or eliminates bacteria. The pores appear to shrink through VI Peel Purify, and the skin’s appearance is much clearer. That’s because VI Peel Precision is more effective in stimulating collagen and elastin growth. 


You can quickly invert the effects of aging right now through VI Peel treatment. However, choosing which of these treatments is suitable for you can be quite tricky. To help you out, consider reaching out to Savvy Chic Medspa. They can help you provide insight into what treatments suit your needs and wants. 

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