Does Sculptra Really Work for Butt Lift?

Does Sculptra Really Work for Butt Lift

Sculptra injections are today’s modern approach to improving how our buttocks appear in both men and women. You can achieve your desired results by working out and focusing on workouts for butt-lifting. But with Sculptra, you can accomplish these precise results more accessible and faster. People who religiously work out but do not seem to see immediate, more prominent results are the ones ideal for this treatment.

         Today, let’s know more about the Sculptra Butt Lift, everything there is to know about this procedure, and if it does work its wonders toward effective butt lifting. Let’s go.

 What is a Sculptra Butt Lift?

         Sculptra Butt Lifts is one of today’s most effective non-surgical options, modern alternatives towards achieving that much-desired fuller butt. The Sculptra treatment is unique since it is an injectable filler type injected into the buttock area. You can accomplish all of these claims without causing anything severe when it comes to side effects.

As an FDA-approved treatment, Sculptra treatments work naturally by building on the collagen production in your body. Although results can be immediately seen after the treatment, it can still take a few months before the effects of Sculptra start generating natural collagen in your body.

Eventually, you will notice the final results about three (3) months after the Sculptra butt lift procedure. Since Sculptra needs to be carefully injected and feathered near your targeted muscles, it creates that firmer and more voluptuous look afterward. It is not considered a permanent treatment, but you can expect results to last about two (2) and five (5) years.

How a Sculptra Butt Lift Works

Sculptra butt lifts work a bit differently, unlike other dermal filler types. Instead of the outright way of volume addition most hyaluronic acid ingredients do, Sculptra injections consist of a component called poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) into your dermal layers. This dermal filler substance works by triggering the stimulation of the body’s natural collagen production procedure.

Because collagen is the particular protein that provides our skin its shape and structure, Sculptra injections help fill out areas beneath the butt. Sculptra butt lifts use curve-shaped devices to give your butt that natural look suitable to your body type. Building up collagen inside the body can take several weeks to a couple of months. This fact means you will likely need additional injections before noticing significant butt volume and shape improvement.

Aside from being used in the face, the FDA or Food and Drug Administration has not yet currently approved Sculptra dermal filler on any other body part. Sculptra butt lifts are treatments considered for off-label usage. That’s why there are not much clinical data regarding what results to expect after undergoing Sculptra butt lifts. Anecdotally, most of those who have undergone the treatment have reported being rather pleased with their results than having negative experiences with Sculptra.

Sculptra Butt Lift Procedure

         Like other treatments, Sculptra butt lifts follow a standard flow of steps administered across the board. Here are the steps:

  1. Upon arriving for your scheduled appointment, practitioners will give you a paper gown to wear, instructing you to put it on.
  2. Next, the practitioner will ask you to lay comfortably on your stomach. Then, the practitioner or assistant will swab the targeted injection area using alcohol to help sterilize it. This step reduces all risks of infection.
  3. Based on your preference and your doctor or healthcare provider’s recommendation, topical numbing cream or a local anesthetic will be applied to your butt, reducing any discomfort you might experience during the injection procedure.
  4. The injection process of Sculptra butt lifts themselves will only take a few moments as your provider uses sterilized equipment to inject Sculptra into your buttocks.
  5. After your injections, bandages are administered on the treated area where your doctor inserted the shots. Get dressed, leave the office immediately, and drive home after your Sculptra butt lift.

Sculptra Butt Lift vs. Surgical Butt Lift

Sculptra butt lifts are far less severe and dangerous than other buttock augmentation procedures like Brazilian butt lifts and traditional butt implants. These butt lift results can be less drastic, which can also be temporary. On the other hand, Sculptra butt lifts are much safer and less costly.

A few months after your first treatment, when you feel unhappy with the results from the Sculptra butt lift, you can get more fillers injected into the treated area. If these results don’t look good or natural to you or are something you never expected, the Sculptra treatment wears off within the next two (2) years.

Other forms of buttock augmentation treatments may be options that can give you permanent results.

Potential Risks or Possible Side Effects

Like any other treatment, risks and side effects are always expected to occur. Although uncommon, severe side effects and complications may still happen after undergoing a Sculptra butt lift. After your procedure, you may begin to see:

  • asymmetrical results
  • bruising or redness
  • bleeding at the site of injection
  • lumps or bumps that may smoothen out later on
  • rash or itching
  • temporary acne breakouts at the injection site


Others develop incidents of bruising at the treated areas or nodules beneath the skin after their Sculptra injections. A 2015 study claimed that 7-9% of patients potentially experience nodules.

In some instances, dermal fillers can cause unwanted infections. Immediately ask assistance from your doctor or healthcare provider and require emergency medical attention when you begin noticing the following symptoms:

  • discharge from the injection site (green or yellow)
  • dizziness
  • elevated temperature
  • fatigue
  • nausea

What to Expect After Sculptra Butt Lifts

Minimal recovery may be required after a Sculptra butt lift. Your doctor will give you further instructions and may be asked to avoid activities like drinking alcohol and strenuous exercise. These restrictions may only be for a day or two after your Sculptra injection.

However, Sculptra butt lift results may not manifest immediately. Effects can take 4-6 months for these results to start appearing prominent. These injections work gradually in boosting the body’s natural collagen production.

With that said, butt lift results aren’t permanent. Sculptra slowly dissolves within two (2) years after your procedure and gets absorbed by the body.

The Bottomline

Sculptra butt lifts are interesting procedures that can help you get much firmer and greater-looking buttocks. Talk to your doctor or healthcare provider about your expectations and options with Sculptra butt lift injections.

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